Iran Shopping

A visit to any shopping area in Iran’s cities and towns is enough to discover that the country is a shopper’s paradise. Here are a few things which could make great gifts for friends and family and are unique to the bazaars of Iran.

Dry Fruits & Saffron

If you thought dry fruits simply meant almonds, pistachios and dates then the wide variety of salted and unsalted dry fruits on offer in every bazaar in the country will tell you there’s a lot more to be discovered.

Salted nuts are something Iranians constantly snack on and it could be anything from melon seeds to nuts of every shape and size that are really beyond one’s imagination. An assortment of these Persian goodies with a few savories makes a good present to bring back for family and friends from a holiday in Iran.

Saffron is another precious gift that is welcome in anyone’s kitchen. The best quality saffron is available in attractive packages and is not really hard to find in most Persian bazaars.


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