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Tourist Visa Information

Tourist visa is issued for foreign nationals who are interested in travelling to Iran individually or with a group for the purpose of visiting Iran or their relatives.


  • Due to the new regulations, starting on September 23rd 2011, all visa applicants, along with other required documents, must enclose the proof of an adequate medical travel insurance coverage from Iranian or Foreign Insurance Agents to allow smooth processing of their application.
  • Please ensure that your airline ticket does not get confirmed, unless your visa has been issued.

To lodge an application for a Tourist visa for the Islamic Republic of Iran, the following requirements and conditions must be observed:

    • Fill in two (2) visa application forms.
      Please note: Fill the visa application clearly all in capital letters.
    • Attach two (2) recent passport photographs.
    • NOTE: please pay just by Money Order

    • Applicant’s passport ( with at least 6 month validity and a minimum of two blank pages. )
    • Those applicants who intend to travel to Iran with their travel documents must have a valid Australian visa.
    • Reserved itinerary
    • Travel insurance
    • There is no refund if the visa is rejected
    • The holder of other passports should contact the Consulate for the visa fees.
    • Registered or express envelopes with complete name and address or a pre-paid addressed courier bag for the return of the passport. Please ensure that you keep your tracking numbers in a safe place until you receive your passport.
    • Enclose all the above mentioned documents in a courier bag and send it to:

      Visa Department
      Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
      P.O. Box 705 , Mawson, ACT, 2607


      1. Applicants under 18 years of age with Iranian mother and foreign father must submit the following additional documents:
        • Birth certificate
        • Parents’ Marriage certificate
        • Fathers’ consent for the children travelling with their Iranian mothers
        • If a marriage is not officially registered with the Embassy, or in case of divorce, the mother must submit a certificate of her child’s custody.
      2. Applicants who have legally renounced their Iranian citizenship must also provide a certificate of his or her renunciation.
      3. Australian passport holders can travel to Iran and obtain 15 days visa at the airport. For more information visit Airport Visa in this website. Iranians whit dual citizenships (Iranian/Australian) are excluded and they should present their Iranian passports on arrival.
      4. Tourist and pilgrimage visa applicants who are not eligible for Airport Visa are required to apply to get aVisa Reference Number before lodging their visa application to Iranian Embassy in Canberra. To obtain a Visa Reference Number you should send a copy of your passport to your invitee (sponsor) in Iran. Your invitee (sponsor) can go to a travel agent in Iran and fill invitation form. After processing and approval of form by Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs you will receive a Visa Reference Number.

Remarks: In case an applicant is sponsored by friends or family members in Iran and the visa authorization has been issued by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it would still be mandatory to submit the abovementioned documents.

  • If you have sent your application by post, you do not need to come to the embassy to follow-up your application or collect your passport. Once your visa application has been processed, your passport will be sent back to you.
  • Allow four weeks for the processing of your application. We shall make every effort to process your application as quickly as possible. During processing period please do not track your application by telephone, fax or email.
  • Incomplete applications are subject to delays or will be returned to your address.
  • Persons wishing to visit the Embassy to discuss their applications should make an appointment with the Consul by fax.
    FAX No. : 02 – 6290 2825


The Consular section may call the applicant for interview, if it is necessary


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