(895 km, south of Tehran)

Capital of the Fars province and situated in the heart of Iran, this region gave its name to the Fars or Persian language.

A city of historic monuments, poets, philosophers, and kings, beautifully scented roses, orchids, orange trees and vines. Shiraz is a must on any visit to Iran.

Shiraz is an extremely hospitable city with a long tradition of welcoming visitors. The best periods for tourist visits are from February to May and October to November.

The Zandieh Complex: (Prospective World Heritage Site) with the imposing structure of Karim Khan Citadel dominating the city centre.

Quran Gate: a monumental gateway to Shiraz to bless travelers before they embark on a journey

Eram Garden: a delightful garden centered on a reflecting pool by a charming 19th-century pavilion.

Old Jami‘Mosque: contains a unique structure in its courtyard with outstanding brick calligraphy on turquoise background dating back to 14th century.

Tomb of Hafez: the pre-eminent master of Persian lyric poetry whose heart (cup) is filled with the love (wine) of the Beloved (God).

Tomb of Saadi: the highest figure in classical Persian literature, and the creator of two of the world’s greatest literary masterpieces

Narenjestan Museum: a pavilion richly decorated with a breathtaking combination of decorative elements

Nasir ol-Mulk Mosque: a unique mosque renowned for its architectural techniques and decorative themes.

Pasargad: The first capital of the Archaemenians, situated 130 km North-west of Shiraz, where there is the tomb of Cyrus the great, constructed on a stone plinth.

The Palace of Persepolis: The palace of Persepolis, built over a period of 100 years, where Darius 1 received foreign dignitaries to celebrate the New Year. Persepolis is situated 60 km from Shiraz; it is the best-known archaeological site in Iran.

The tombs of Naqshe – Rostam: (7 Km North-west of Persepolis): final resting place of the Archaemenian kings.



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