Parsian Azadi Hotel

The hotel was built as the Hyatt Crown Tehran in 1977. It was the third Hyatt to open in Iran, following the Hyatt Caspian in Chalus and the Hyatt Omar Khayam in Mashhad. All three hotels were owned by the Pahlavi Foundation and managed by Hyatt.

With the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the Pahlavi Foundation was dissolved and the hotels were transferred to the Foundation of the Oppressed and Disabled and the management contracts with Hyatt were severed. The hotel was renamed the Tehran Crown Hotel that year and then the Azadi Grand Hotel (Azadi means “Freedom” in Persian) in 1980. The Foundation’s hotel division was separated off in 1995, named first Bonyads Hotels, then Azadi Hotels in 1999 and finally Parsian Hotels in 2000.
The Azadi Grand Hotel closed in 2007 for a $50 Million renovation overseen by Italian and Swiss interior designers and a number of Chinese construction firms. It reopened in 2011 as the Parsian Azadi Hotel.

Time in : 12:00
Time out : 14:00
Website :
Address : Parsian Azadi Hotel – Junction Evin – Shahid Chamran Highway – Tehran – Iran

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