7 beautiful destinations in Iran for summer travel

iran top destinations

7 beautiful destinations in Iran for summer travel

Top Destinations for Iran Travel

If you do not specify your destination for the summer season, we will offer you these sights.
There are countless options available for summer trips to Iran. You can travel to Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan and Shiraz. On the path to art and civilization, which gives you dozens of tourist attractions for half the world and Shiraz. You can visit the holy Mashhad, and along the way you can visit Garmsar salty cave, Garmsar Gate, Semnan Citadel Gate, historic mosque, Fountain Ali and Hesar Damghan Tree, Shahrood Forest, Atar Shrine and Jami Mosque in Neyshabur. At Mashhad after the pilgrimage of the shrine, watching the Kalat Naderi, the tomb of Nadir Shah Afshar, the prison of Haroon al-Rashid and … do not miss.

The natural path of the Caspian Sea is still present. You can start the Anzali wetland and then go to Dzhybibir, Lahijan, Langroud, Rudsar and Sayyolk. After these cities and exploring Ramsar, Kelardasht, Salman Shahr and Chalous can also be your next destinations. The route of Azerbaijan is also a good offer for these days. A trip to Ardebil, Tabriz and Orumieh gives you the opportunity to walk in the shrine of Sheikh Safi, the Shorabil Lake, the Tabriz market, the Blue Mosque, the Alishah Alley, the Hasanlu hill and the lake of Urmia.

The Gulf border, Kurdistan – Kermanshah – Hamedan and travel to western provinces can also be your other summer travel options. We have also selected seven diverse destinations that you can travel to in the second half of the summer.

caving excitement in Iran

Danial Cave is one of the Iranian caves in the Alborz mountain range.
In the Danish blue cave, you will find ice blobs and strange shapes of several million years old. A cave that cools down for a summer trip. Here you have to walk for five hours in the water and in the dark. Sometimes the height of the ceiling reaches up to 50 meters, and sometimes you must move half-height under a half-meter ceiling. The water temperature is about 17 degrees, and the temperature inside the cave is between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius in all seasons.

Address: From Chalous, you must go to Ramsar and Tonekabon. After passing through the salt city of Abroad, he arrived at the motel. From there you should be five kilometers from the city to reach the village of Daniel and the cave.

Surfing in Iran nature

Kandovan is one of the three rocky villages in the world, which has given its unique charm
This is the only rocky and residential village in the world. A village that has been eaten many years ago just below those rocky ceilings, or to their own words, Gaia is sleeping. Probably a residence history here comes back to the time of the Mongol invasion, which the villagers have taken refuge in, but have remained here. Almost all homes in this direction are similar to the habitats of the early humans, and all of them are conical. There is also a small anthropological museum that displays some of the gadgets related to Kandovan’s life. There are about a kilometer of village on the left side of the road, houses like Kandovan to Hillehor bread.

Address: From Tabriz you must enter Azarshahr road and reach the village of Kandovan after passing Sahand Township.

Carpet Museum In Iran

Carpet Museum is one of the museums in the province of Tehran, which has interesting architecture
There are 1500 carpets here, but for the time being, there are 150 boards available. Carpets with stories. Many of them have been palaces for many years and are under the feet of kings, rulers and courtiers of various dynasties of different periods of Iranian history. In a museum that is open, except Mondays and Lunches, from 9:00 to 17:30 every day! Going on here, in addition to watching the eye-catching Tabrizi and Kermans and Kashani and Qomites, you can also see Pazirik’s world’s oldest carpet, with its copy copy! Because the origin of the carpet is kept at the Amrittaz Museum of St. Petersburg. The 2,500-year-old Pazirik design and role shows a completely rugged Iranian carpet.

Address: Fatemi and Workers’ Crossroads, Carpet Museum

If you crazy watch the wonders of history you can go to burnt City In Iran

The burned city is one of the most advanced cities in the ancient period
Five thousand years old city in southeastern Iran, in Sistan and Baluchestan province. The “burned city” is one of the most advanced cities of the ancient period. The value of the ancient site of the burned city is unique to its findings: like the ancient skull surgery, artificial eye, the first animation of the world, examples of mosaics, marble marble dishes, … discovered early in the twentieth century. Along with this ancient site is a museum that holds objects from archaeological excavations. The museum contains several hundred ancient objects that you can watch free of charge.

Address: From Zahedan to the burned city 140 kilometers and from Zabul 55 kilometers.

Would you like to travel to a pristine areaLets go to Mount Dana Mountain

Mountain Dana is one of the most pristine areas in Iran for shoots
One of the most frequent regions of Iran in terms of plant and animal, a region on the slopes of the Dena summit and the proximity of the C-hard city of Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad province. By going here, you can watch different oak forests and various plants, and if you are lucky, you can find species such as brown bears, wolves, whole and goat, Quercus dear, hawks and red crows from far away. And watch closely.

Address: From the Yasuj city to the northwest, after about 34 km, you arrived at the Dena tourist city or “Thirty hard”. There are only eight kilometers from there to Mount Gol.

Heiran Telecabin

“Heiran” is known for its lush climate and its dangerous and dangerous bend. You can watch and enjoy the beauty and awe, beautiful valleys and mountains by flying the cockpit. The length of the lane is about 1.6 km, and when you ride it, it will take between 11 and 20 minutes to reach the final station, depending on how fast it is.
Address: The telecabin station is located in the middle of the cities of Astara and Ardabil, and is about 35 km from each.

Falak Alfalak Castle

The historic castle of Falak al-Aflak is one of Khorramabad’s most impressive historical and tourist attractions
The historic fortress of Falak al-Aqlak is the first to occur on arrival at Khoram Abad. . The castle which has been reigned from the Sassanid era. The castle is also known as the Khorramabad man to the 12th fortress and the Sepehr castle. The castle was built on the ruins of the castle known as Shapur, belonging to the Shapur I Sassanid period. From the Safavid period, the Falak Olaflak was restored to reach its present moment, in which there are anthropological and archaeological museums.

Address: If the origin was Tehran, after Qom and Arak and Boroujerd, and 500km ride to Lorestan and Khorramabad.