Ghalat Mountain, village

Ghalat Mountain, village

No matter it is Spring, summer, fall or winter ;The generous and artist land of Ghalat always welcomes its visitors warmly and provide them with jaw-dropping scenes .Ghalat is actually a complex of woods, old village, waterfall and what ever of nature is your favorate can be found there .

 The historical and luxuriant village of Ghalat is located. About 30 springs and several waterfalls made this tour an especial half day opportunity.

is only 15 km North West of the famous city of Shiraz. With an altitude of 2065 meters above sea level, the village has a moderate weather in spring and summer, but it is cold in winters. Locals of Qalaat village speak Farsi with the local accent. Qalat is one of the historic villages of Fars province. The remnants of ancient buildings in this region are proof of human inhabitance in old times. Most locals of Qalaat village are preoccupied in animal husbandry, gardening, servicing, and handicrafts. From among garden products of the village mention can be made of walnut, almond, fig, grapes, pomegranate, apricot, plum, and greengage.

Milk, cheese, butter, and whey are produced here as well.

Green vast fruit gardens inside and around the village provide a lovely atmosphere for tourists and travelers especially during spring and summer. The special architecture of the village mixed with winding lanes and some brooks running in the middle of the lanes create novel scenes. 

Ghalat Mountain, village

Ghalat Mountain, village

There are also three waterfalls in the village that originate from the springs. The two rivers called Shab-shotori and Cheshmeh-anjiri, with wild plants and flowers in their banks are considered as natural tourist attraction sites of Qalaat village. In addition to all these, the village contains some historic heritage some of which are: the 270-year-old mosque, the ancient adobe church, water mills, the ancient flagged bazaar, Qezel Arsalan castle, and some relief works from the Sassanid era.


1. Ghalat Mountain, village & its historical church

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