The Persian carpet is an integral part of Persian culture and history.

The Persian carpet

The Persian carpet

The Persian carpet is an integral part of Persian culture and history. Today it is crystal clear that Persia is the origin of carpet and carpet weaving in the world.  Since ancient Persia carpet weaving was not only a marvelous art but also a perfect way to make a living. From the Persian Pazyryk carpet that was found in Siberia we can realize that the history of Persian carpet could be traced back to 5th century BC. At the time that part of Siberia was a piece of the great Persian kingdom. during the ages many tribes men and women continued doing this great task, and by their art they gave the plain wool a piece of their soul to make it alive. Besides wool , the carpet weavers who were genius at generating new ideas started using silk instead of wool. Although silk is extremely expensive , it found its way in the market. Having a silk carpet in the house was a sign of wealth and was considered luxury at the time. nowadays The carpets woven from silk are one of the finest and the most beautiful kinds of Persian carpets that could be found in the world.


The designs adopted by Persian weavers are unique and genuine, in other words the designs are about the facts and dreams , the weavers have to cope with in their daily life, and the most important factors and symbols in human life . Beautiful gardens , natural landscapes , floral and birds decorations and animal figures as symbolisms are the most famous Persian design approaches . also based on different areas and cities , the carpet design is different. The major centers of carpet weaving industry in Persia were Kashan , Tabriz and kerman , the fact is unbelievably amazing that every and each of these centers had a unique design, exclusively for themselves.


Finally we can conclude that Persian carpets and Persian people’s spirits are intertwined. You are not able of finding a Persian house without a Persian carpet. In Persia every house is a great carpet museum.